Relationships are the foundation of Wagner & Associates’ success. We believe each and every client, regardless of size, deserves specialized personal service. By first gaining an intimate knowledge of our clients’ specific needs and goals we then work as a team, with our seasoned professionals blending their talents and expertise to devise an efficient plan of success. This allows us to provide extensive, value-based service to a large, diverse client base, including private businesses, start-ups, government entities, emerging firms, national corporations, family offices, not-for-profit organizations and successful individuals across a variety of industries.

Office Hours: 8am to 5pm
Tax Season: (January 15 - April 15,16,17 depending on year): 8am to 10pm

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"After graduating from Indiana University and becoming a CPA, Bob continued gleaning experience in all aspects of the family accounting business. He then founded Wagner & Associates, Inc. in 1983 with one resolute goal in mind…to serve his clients, staff and community with honesty, integrity and professional excellence. Bob’s passion for knowledge and dedication to hard work, coupled with a relentless pursuit of innovative solutions, allows him to continue to expand and diversify the company, while maintaining the uncompromising values his character demands. From lending his expertise in all areas of accounting services to sitting on the board of local charities, Bob works tirelessly to exceed expectations."


"Jerry has been providing extraordinary client service in the accounting industry for over 40 years. His success can be attributed to not only his vast knowledge and experience in the field, but to his generous, caring nature as well. He is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients, colleagues, family and associates. His steadfast loyalty and strong desire for others to succeed has helped forge many a lasting relationship."

Gerald F. Wagner, LPA

"As the lead CPA of the Rural Development/HUD Specialists team, as well as providing expert services in numerous areas of the accounting and auditing fields, Dawnda is an essential element in the continually growing success of Wagners. She is extremely detail-oriented and refuses to give anything but her best for each client or project she undertakes. Her drive and commitment to excellence is surpassed only by her compassion and ability to find joy in all things. Well after office hours are over, Dawnda can be heard singing as she diligently toils."

Dawnda VanPatten, CPA

"Audrey has been the indispensable right (and left) hands of the Wagners for over 25 years. She epitomizes dignity, integrity, and confidentiality as she efficiently juggles her countless tasks. The first to arrive each morning and one of the last to leave each night, she is the quiet strength and stability that keeps everything at Wagners running without a hitch. Clients and associates alike consistently rely on her remarkable memory, gracious spirit and unfailing ability to quickly identify and resolve a myriad of issues with boundless patience."

Audrey Wells – Office Manager

"Having grown up in the family business, Kim is extremely proficient in a vast array of duties at Wagners, but her niche is corporate accounting and payroll management. Her intrinsic organizational skills and innate efficiency afford her the ability to tackle even the most complex accounts and systematically bring them to order."

Kimberly Lichtsinn - Corporate Accounting and Payroll Management

"With over 35years of experience working in banking and rural development accounting, Modena is a prized addition to Wagner’s Rural Development/HUD Specialists team. Her in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations of the industry allow her to dauntlessly traverse the complexities of bureaucracy with competence and efficiency. In addition to her tremendous experience, it is Modena’s affable disposition and contagious laugh that make her such an asset."

Modena Mitchell - Banking and Rural Development

"Karen is the smiling face of Wagners. As the main receptionist for many a year, hers is the helpful voice on the phone, or the happy-to-see-you smile as you walk in the door. From answering multitudes of questions, to managing the crazy schedules for all the associates, to handling the masses of paperwork coming or going…any and every task that can lighten someone’s load or smooth the waters, Karen does it with pleasure and diplomacy."

Karen Couture - Main Receptionist

"As the E-file manager, the buck stops with Crysta. Her main focus is to verify all relevant information is present and accurate on all electronically filed tax returns before they are submitted. Her sharp eye for detail and quick mind are essential for electronic quality control."

Crysta Burke - Electronic Quality Control and E-File Manager

"Special projects, resolution facilitation and regulatory research …these are the areas of enjoyment and expertise for Christa. She has a persistent nature that affords her the ability to delve into any challenging project, problem or precept with tenacity and a powerful drive to find applicable answers and solutions."

Christa Wilfong - Special Projects, Resolution Facilitation, and Regulatory Reseach



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